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August 16, 2013



  • Oracle I - Bereavement
  • Oracle II - Enlightenment
  • Oracle III - Prophet
  • Oracle IV - Exile
  • Oracle V - Iconoclast

Oracle I: Bereavement
She's at peace and it's ok, it will be fine
Empty words to ease my mind, stand in line
All I need is time to think, reflect on life
Your words can't help me now, Gods words can't help me now
I've been in this dark place inside my head
It's been so hard to face, swallow truth
I can think clear today, Gods not here
If he was she would be here alive
World is now closing in
It's not alright in the end
Just need more time to think
Make sense of the tragedy
In her final place of rest, misfortune I consume
Feels like her death was just to test me
All I've known has been raped then stripped away
All I had has been taken from me
I have prayed, it doesn't seem to help
I have paid for everything
Oracle II: Enlightenment
Oracle III: Prophet
It's time to rise, embrace what I have become
All that surrounds us, everything we are
Inform everyone underneath the sun, underneath the sun
I will be your shepherd in this post-apocalyptic world we made
I must continue, rebuild the world and lead into the darkness
In this world I see you doing all that you can to stay away
The end comes, the outcome is the post-apocalyptic world we made
I'm doing all that I can, yet I’ve let this burden fall right in my hands
I know we'll never grow old, but let’s hope there's still a future for our souls
I am right Post apocalyptic
World we made Come with me
Don't look back Brace yourself
You have been warned You could live forever
It's time to choose your path
You could be face down in dirt
Take my hand or fall behind
Oracle IV: Exile
Shunned from this world, betrayed by everyone,
but my time here will not expire
Burn all my work
Bury the ashes
Truth has been compromised
Cast me out of this world we were conceived in,
never believed in, hope is long gone
You can't be saved if you don't want saved
I can't help you
I, I made you, I rewrote the book
It’s my world
You'll regret it if you don't follow me now
Rise of a vagrant
Vagrant will rise
Cast me out of this world
Can’t hide everything
Can’t get rid of me
Oracle V: Iconoclast
I'd give my life to take what's rightfully mine
You’re weak, you’ll be dead to me
I tried, but you have failed me
Now your life belongs to me
You’re locked in with your cult, no escape
Now let the bodies blaze
There's not room for us all
All must go
No longer spread disease
I will take back what's mine
What's going on in my head right now
There's none of us left in a perfect world
Now with all of you I'm going to play god
I've tried to spread the truth, but you have made your decision now
No longer breathing
No longer deceiving
Traitor, liar, bastard, thief
Face down in dirt
I could have saved it
We all would have made it
No need to erase everyone, deface every son
You've chosen your path and settled for death
Time for a Change