One Reason To Hate

  • 1. The Salute
  • 2. Grounded By Earth
  • 3. Lives Worth
  • 4. Our Burial Ground
  • 5. Breach
  • 6. Cradled Frozed
  • 7. Still Born
  • 8. One Reason
  • 9. Crawling Down
  • 10. Repetition Of Nothing
  • 11. Bound

Grounded By The Earth
waited so long now your throat is gone and you
have no choice remain speechless
the choices made consider circumstances die
life makes you assume position this world is our break
lie awake with your problems then you’ll be the lie liar
God I’ll die trying let me go this war this world
lets you go your gone then the life will stop
I’m so impatient need patients I know slow down
and concentrate on breathing the subject hits home
I’ve chose my fate
smashing the mirror and watching it crumble
why lie outcome truth is denied
severed lifeless feelings left in a ditch
here’s the gun I’ve longed it
brings back past times
my life was over slow down and concentrate on
bleeding I’m suffocating please jar my memories
you’ll try prying it all from my hands
It lets you know your God
try prying it all from my fingers it forces my life into shock
my memories left in a ditch and there you go their right you’ll try
Lives worth
you’ll live another
just when your life is at it’s end
this world is our break
our break is over your future lies in darkness
although your full of life you’ve made the mistake of living
my pride is completely gone someone told me what my life is worth
but someone has made the decision what our lives are worth
blinded by the lights by the lights that blinds my eyes
all is gone now my life my life has been torn away
I will not fall to the ground we’re running out of time tonight
and no ones going to laugh were running out of time
expressionless so we will run go trade our lives away
go trade our lives away trade our lives away I will not trade my life
I will not ever and not again never and not again never and not again
quality of life is in it’s own freedom has felled us once again burn
blinded by the lights by the lights that blinds my eye’s
I’ll bring them down fear
burn this suffer has crippled its culture
burn this suffer It’s fracturing gestures
Our burial ground
we all are already dead pushing and shoving
to get to the burial ground of us all
lights form a series of screams of a liar
who’s time has run out brain damage suffocate
dying of course was the choice that he chose
just to take his damn life and leave all his problems behind
I’ll end myself erase my face I’m fucked now
delete myself the world hates me I’m fucked
scraping the crumbs of us all from above all the bits and
the pieces the bones and the blood have been robbed
still he’s agreed to proceed with his honesty showing
environment killing us off
draw such a crowd with the face of a million words
suffering laughing then losing control
takes all the pieces and puts them together to form what is
known as our burial ground