Annihilate The Hero is a three-piece metal band based in Carbondale, Illinois with influences coming from all types of metal; death, progressive, grindcore, old school, and metalcore. The current line up consists of Justin Malinee on drums,
Thomas Henderson on guitar/vocals, and Tony Lamantia on bass.

Annihilate the Hero has been promoting their music across the midwest, all the while writing and developing new music. After the band’s formation in 2002, Annihilate the Hero spawned an EP and a full-length album, then made the transformation into their present three-piece structure. The current line-up has been in place since 2004, and have since released their albums “Images of Disgust” in 2005, “Betrothing Dejection” in 2007, and “Annihilate the Hero” in 2010, putting forth a true representation of the Annihilate the Hero sound. They have also compiled an impressive list of bands they have shared the stage with, including Superjoint Ritual, Hatebreed, Chimaira, God Forbid, Crowbar, Full Blown Chaos, Pissing Razors, Hemlock, and many more. They were also invited to join Nuclear Blast Records band Bleed the Sky and Mediaskare Records band Silent Civilian on a series of tour dates, which took them through Texas, Iowa, and Central Illinois.

Currently an independent band, Annihilate the Hero is seeking recognition from record labels, news media, radio, and fans all over the world. Annihilate the Hero has been promoting their music across the midwest, all the while writing and developing new music. With all the things Annihilate The Hero has under their belt, the band still looks ahead, trying spreading their sound world-wide. All these things make up Annihilate The Hero; the rest you can see on stage…


  • Tama Superstar – 22″ bass drum; 10, 12, 14, 16″ toms
  • Pork Pie Acrylic Snare – 14″x6″
  • Hi-Hat – TRX BRT 14″
  • Ride – Sabian HHX Evolution 20″ – Meinl MB10 Bell Blast 20″
  • Crash – Meinl Classics Custom Extreme Metal 18″ – TRX ALT 17″
  • China- Meinl Classics Custom Extreme Metal 18”
  • Other – Sabian 14” B8 HH top stacked on 16″ Wuhan china
  • Pearl Eliminator pedals
  • Mapex stands
  • Roc N Soc throne
  • Evans G2 Clear on toms, Evans EC Reverse Dot on snare, Evans EMAD on basses
  • Pro-Mark sticks
  • ESP LTD EC407, Ibanez ARZ307 guitars
  • Peavey 5150
  • Peavey 5150 Cab
  • Ernie Ball Strings
  • Snarlin’ Dogs Picks
  • Monster Cables
  • Shure Microphones
  • Ibanez SoundGear SR505 Bass
  • Ampeg SVT-4 Pro Bass Head
  • Ampeg SVT-810E Cabinet
  • Ernie Ball Strings
  • Snarlin’ Dog and Dunlop Picks
  • Monster Cables